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Save and get only what’s needed with Carlson U-Pick Suites

Recognizing that its customers in the land surveying, civil engineering, and construction fields have diverse needs, Carlson Software is now offering U-Pick Suites. Customers will be able to choose from two to all six software modules from Carlson’s most popular options: Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, CADnet, and PointCloud Basic and configure them exactly to their needs.

Carlson’s long-standing suite choices – the Civil Suite featuring Survey, Civil, Hydrology, and GIS and the Takeoff Suite with CADnet, Trench, GeoTech, and Construction – are still available at the respective savings of $3950 and $7500. But now, customers can save and pick only what they need with the U-Pick-2 priced at $2950 and the U-Pick-6 at just $4750.

Each can run standalone with the included license of IntelliCAD or on top of a separately purchased license of full AutoCAD. All Carlson Software purchases will be delivered by email with your new serial number and download instructions within two business days.

Available Modules

Here are brief descriptions of each of the six available modules:

Carlson Survey–A Windows software application for land surveying that manages the complete job cycle from field data collection to drafting a final plan with several CAD options.

Carlson Civil—A complete CAD-based, civil engineering design software for roads/highways and a wide variety of land development projects.

Carlson Hydrology–Provides automation to meet hydrology needs with full 3D road and lot design that feed directly into flow calculations and drainage design.

Carlson GIS—Provides tools for data capture and linking, data labeling, import/export of SHP files, polygon topology creation and analysis, and supports working with Esri®.

Carlson CADnet—Allows users to create CAD from non-CAD documents such as PDFs, raster images, and paper plans, generate CAD text from raster images, and to import or export BIM models into CAD.

Carlson PointCloud Basic—Works with cloud data, whether from drone, scanner or lidar, in the familiar Carlson environment to create points, breaklines, surfaces and other CAD deliverables for the production of a typical plan.

New for 2022


2022 General Carlson Software Improvements

AutoCAD 2022Added support for this new version.
IntelliCAD 10.1Improved speed and new features like sheet sets with the Publish command.
ToolbarsAdded over 30 new toolbar icons and a new ribbon for GeoTech.
Open Drawings Map Added method for custom properties for drawing records and method to store a drawing database on a shared network location. From the Map view, added function to open Windows File Explorer for the drawing’s project folder.
Settings ServerAdded method to copy data files into project folders.
Project Data Sub-FoldersAdded separate Program Settings folder for settings files.
Data DepotAdded details to the history log and the ability to restore a previous version of a data file. Adding files to Data Depot supports working from project level with controls on which files to add.
Carlson ConfigureAdded setting to control font used for dialogs.
Select CAD Default SettingsNew command to choose classic or modern CAD user interface settings.
Drawing CleanupAdded functions to remove duplicate text and to remove unused registered apps.
Import Polyline FileAdded method for locating by station/offset values from the file.
Drawing Inspector For polylines, added reporting of current position distance. For centerline polylines, added reporting of spiral data.
Draw MText In many commands that create MText, added an option to set the Text Frame to draw a box around the text.
Translate LayersAdded method to import layer names from the drawing.
Line Up Text Added method to pick two points to define angle, option to respace and option to use text for alignment reference.
Arrowhead with LineNew command to draw a two point leader with an arrowhead.
Boundary PolylineAdded option to create 3D polyline.
Shrink-Wrap Entities Added options to ignore zero elevation entities for input, to elevate zero elevation vertices, and to erase the input entities.
Add Intersection PointsAdded option to average elevations at intersection within a tolerance.
Draw Label For Companion LineworkNew command for Draw To Standard to create a label using properties by layer.
Draw Standard Item by Quick KeyNew command to create entities for Draw To Standard by typing a quick key instead of dialog list selection.
Reports For PDF reports, added option to make PDF report files read-only. For Report Formatter, new option to put text lines at the bottom of the report and added function to sort the list of available fields.
3D ViewerAdded zoom extents function.
Angle InfoAdded ability to handle 3D angles.
Layer IDAdded option to label the layer name.
Command SearchAdded reporting of toolbars for the commands.


2022 Improvements - Survey

Drone Mission PlanningNew command to create a drone mission plan.
Carlson PhotoCaptureAdded method to download files by file type.
Input/Entry Distance ScaleAdded method to scale distances in many COGO commands such as Enter Deed Description.
Import Text/ASCII FileAdded ability to read points from a SurvCE/Layout job database (.jdb) file. Added functions to save and load settings to a .rpnt file.
Import Distance/Angle FileAdded field for deed name for importing multiple deeds.
Edit Process Raw DataAdded function to update the descriptions in the RW5 from a coordinate file. Added function to apply Field-to-Finish substitution codes to the descriptions in the RW5 file. Added report option for the description on the same line as the data. Added an optional warning on processing for points with a blank description. Added option to use a larger font for the spreadsheet. For processing GPS records added storing the lat/lon and RMS values to the CRDB as attributes.
Edit Process Level DataAdded method to adjust elevations based on the number of turns.
SurvNETAdded option to merge output point text file with control points.
Draw PointsAdded option to label elevations in inches.
Point Group ManagerAdded methods to create a point group of points unassigned to a group and to create group from point number suffix.
Field to FinishAdded ability to run Triangulate & Contour to draw contours or make a TIN of the points and polylines.
Added new utility feature. For pipe features, added ability for separate pipe feature settings per code, option to label structure names along the pipe and option to draw both pipe 3D faces and polylines. For tree features, added offset by tree symbol size as factor of text offset, added option to draw labels as MText and added settings to control order of input parameters. Added setting for annotative points per code. For GIS attributes on a line, added support for multiple attributes. Added option to match first symbol scale when creating a second symbol. New special code of OO for Offset Only that draws only the offset polyline. For OH offset horizontal special code, added method to repeat the offset multiple times. For hedge linetype, added ability to control width using OH or OFB special codes. For RECT special code, added setting for using a third point as a rectangle corner or an offset for the rectangle width. For text attributes prefix/suffix settings, as string of [DESC] gets replaced by the point description. Added method to draw only points with GPS status of Fixed. Added option to hide the drawing under the Mtext labels. Added support for using fixed parameters with multiple codes.
Offset Point EntryAdded option for slope stations.
Annotation Added option to use a custom block for endpoint leaders. For Stack Label Arc and Annotate With Leader, added option to create as MLeaders. For bearing leaders, added support for annotative leaders.
Line/Curve TableAdded option to draw the table as MText without the grid lines.
Stack Label Arc Auto PlaceNew command to automatically place the arc labels at the mid-point of the arc.
Stack Label Arc Pick SideAdded option whether to draw leader.
Label AngleAdded method to create an angle table. Added ability to handle 3D angles.
Distance TableNew command to create a distance table of pairs of points and distances.
Offset DimensionsAdded option to use CAD’s current dimension style.
LinetypesAdded method for multiple dashes between the symbol/letter such as —C—C—.
Legal DescriptionAdded method to report exterior angles.
Map CheckAdded support for azimuth format angles.
Deed CorrelationAdded method to screen pick points.
Process Deed FileAdded option to report using the Report Formatter.
Area Descriptions By Interior TextNew command to tag area descriptions by automatically finding text inside polylines.
Best Fit Line Added method to screen pick CAD points, method to add more points to the calculation and option to set output layer.
Convert CRD to ASCII By FolderNew command to batch process converting coordinate files to text files.


2022 Improvements - Civil

Triangulation Surface ManagerAdd Point inside TIN hole has new option to fill the hole.
Triangulation File UtilitiesAdded a Remove Spikes tool and added function to draw drainage low points.
Grid File UtilitiesAdded export for DEM files.
Triangulate & ContourAdded option to use linetype for depression contours.
TIN Rebuild Inside PerimeterAdded method to apply inverse distance to adjust elevations within a perimeter. Added method to raise low points within a perimeter to fill-in low points to prevent ponding.
2D to 3D Polyline By ProfileNew command to elevate a polyline using a profile.
2D to 3D Polyline By ScreenAdded method to extrapolate elevations.
Curb RampAdded graphic preview to dialog. Added option to taper only the first ramp section. Added method to do curbcut only with no ramp. Added method to pick the curb position separately from the polyline selection. Added a separate curb taper method.
Wall Polyline Editor Added layback slope, freeboard, bury depth, output to solid model (.mdl), color/texture for 3D viewing, and report including backfill quantities and wall volume. Added double-click on the wall polyline to run the wall polyline editor. Added support for using wall polylines in Takeoff design surface modeling.
Elevate Pads By Grade RulesAdded option to add break points to lot lines and option to create swales.
Cut/Fill MovementAdded option to label cells.
Stockpile VolumeAdded method to use lowest elevation around perimeter as flat base elevation.
Surface 3D FlyOver Added support for viewing solid models (.mdl). Added settings for camera based light and shading for front, back or both sides. Add Model to the scene also draws a symbol in the drawing when the Model Library has the model defined with a CAD symbol.
Slope At PointsAdded method to use a coordinate file and two points to define the slope.
Elevation Zone AnalysisAdded method to use TIN surface and set colors in the TIN file for the elevation zones.
[doc] Vehicle Path TrackingAdded option to draw section view of vehicle with dimensions and added vehicle section view preview to dialog.
Polyline To Centerline FileAdded method to define station at a reference point.
Label Station OffsetAdded method to label CL crossings in plan view with option to label layer names.
Design Parking Inside PerimeterAdded ability to create islands at ends of parking rows. Added option whether to create spaces around the perimeter and option to add remainder parking space to the corner.
Design Parking Along Alignment Added support for alignments with multiple segments, ability to use a polyline or centerline file for the alignment, and support for angled parking. Added functions to create auto treatments and to mirror treatments between left and right sides.
Draw Template PolylinesAdded option to densify the template polylines.
Template Series FileAdded interpolation option for none.
Shrink/Swell TableNew command to define different shrink/swell factors by station range for cut/fill and subgrade materials.
Draw Super Elevation Color CenterlineNew command to draw the centerline polyline with colors for the super elevation transition zones.
Process Road DesignAdded method to Template Point Profile to apply change in slope to another grade for a divided highway. Added method to use clip lines at the ends of the road for skewed ends.
Road NetworkAdded method to create a bottom of subgrade surface. Added method to hatch the template grade areas. Added method for road template gaps by station range.
Lot Network > Road NetworkAdded option to chamfer ROW intersections instead of arcs.
Station Polyline/CenterlineAdded method to store deflection angle into the point description.
Draw Profile Added option for fixed grid top/bottom elevations. Added option to draw horizontal line at bottom of elevation axis labels. Added option for line under label base elevations. For utility profiles, added pipe thickness and option to limit max offset for station by reference CL. For hatch, added option to label areas. For sewer profile labels above the rim, added method to place by grid top location and option for vertical labels with a leader from the rim. Added option to label manhole names using MText.
Draw Section File Added method to label the total section distance. For tunnel sections, added support for end areas from a single closed section. Added option to create labels as MText.
Added ability to set a description for each station that can be drawn in Draw Section File and reported in Section Report. For slope labels, added filter by user-specified slope amount.
Section File EditorAdded ability in translate elevations to use a profile to adjust the sections.
Section ReportAdded method to only report user-specified offsets.
Set Descriptions By OffsetNew command to set cross section descriptions by offset.
Draw Mass DiagramAdded method to graph as immediate cut/fill difference instead of accumulative.


2022 Improvements - Hydrology

Rain Lookup TableNew command to store custom rain events.
Merge WatershedsNew command to combine the polyline perimeters of neighboring watersheds.
Time of ConcentrationAdded Kerby-Kirpich method.
Channel RoutingAdded Muskingom-Cunge and Modified Puls methods.
Pond ExfiltrationAdded functions to save and load parmaters to a .pdx file.
Drop Pipe SpillwayAdded lookup table for entrance loss coefficient. Added functions to save and load parameters to a .drop file. Added PDF report and function to draw diagram to the drawing.
Pipe Culvert DesignAdded report option for stage-discharge graph and option to draw HGL on pipe detail graph. Added support for Muskingom-Cunge method.
Advanced Weir DesignAdded functions to save and load parameters to a .weir file.
Orifice DesignAdded functions to save and load parameters to a .outlet file.
Multiple Outlet DesignAdded PDF report method with diagram and stage-discharge graph.
Sewer Network Added ability to automatically set inlet as on-grade or sag based on the surface. Added support for Inlet Control Devices to limit intercepted flow. Added support for structures with underdrains. Added new yard inlet structure. For SCS rainfall lookup, added methods to choose from lookup table, rain map or NOAA. Added method to round elevations by decimal precision. For draw plan view, added setting for direction of pipe polylines as upstream or downstream. For data table, added ability to control which structures to include in the table. For Review Sewer Network Links, added a method to reassign the data files. Added pipe thickness to editor and reports. Added setting for having raised rim heights. Added a new Line Name field for each structure.
Collison CheckAdded option to draw 3D lines between the crossing pipes along with 3D text for 3D viewing. Added coloring of pipe portions that have conflicts. Added report of minimum horizontal and vertical clearance. Added method to check for collision with a surface model. Added option to color pipe segments with a conflict.
Compare Sewer NetworksNew command to report differences between two sewer network models.
Draw Sewer ProfileAdded ability to draw profiles for normal and critical depth lines.
HydroNet Explorer Added support for circular pipe reach and culverts. Added support for the Clark and Snyder hydrograph method. For draw plan view, added options to create MText labels, draw connection lines, use default symbols and save/load settings. For reports, added method to control the order of elements.
Utility Network For pipe labels, added settings to control offset from line and layer for labels. For creating profile at depth, added method to create streamlined profile with min number of profile points and ability to set max depth and min segment length. Added report function to check pipe depths and min/max cover. Added a description field for each utility with option to label in Draw Profile and Draw Sections. For laterals, added location by offset and slope.
Pressure Pipe NetworkUpgraded calculation engine to EPANet 2.2. Added ability to set tank level to create specified pressure. Added ability to add multiple connections or laterals at a time with a specified station interval and demand. Upgraded interface for setting up demand patterns. Added ability to draw symbols for valves in plan view.
Pipe Network IDNew command to pick a pipe network entity and report which pipe network model it belongs to.
Review Network Drawing LinksNew command to review pipe network entities in the drawing and report network files with ability to reassign network files.
HEC RASAdded method to output a cross section of the water level. Added support for version 6.0.


2022 Improvements - GIS

Upgraded User-InterfaceNew dialogs for many commands including GIS Data Editor and GIS Data Inspector.
Define GIS Features Added import for StartNET, ESRI SHP and Carlson GIS .db features.
Point GIS EditorAdded import for StartNET attributes.
Place Camera SymbolAdded method to use points.

Point Cloud

2022 Improvements - Point Cloud

ImportAdded function to import cloud data from CAD points.
ExportAdded support for E57 format and RCS format.
Bare EarthAdded option to put the ground points into a region instead of creating a new cloud. Added method to create a cloud of the non-ground points.
Create PolylineAdded method to create polylines with tangential arcs.
Edit PolylineAdded function to zoom scene to current polyline in editor dialog.
Extract SlicesNew function to view cross sections of cloud data and create points and polylines.
Curb BreaklinesNew method to create 3D polylines for top and bottom of curb by using edge clusters.
Create Breaklines By SlopeNew function to create 3D polylines at the boundaries of slope zones.
Color LinesAdded new method for creating polylines that follow color lines in the cloud such as roadway paint stripes and new method to follow color boundaries such as edge between pavement and grass.
Slope LinesNew function to create breakline polylines by following a slope grade break.
Feature ExtractionAdded batch process method to extract multiple features at a time.
Power LinesNew function to extract overhead wires as polylines.


2022 Improvements - CADNet

3D Image ViewerAdded method to download aerial image from Google Earth.