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U-Pick Suites: 2-6 Module Bundle Deal


Take your pick, between any 2-6 of the following modules — the more you pick, the more you save!

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Save and get only what’s needed with Carlson U-Pick Suites

Recognizing that its customers in the land surveying, civil engineering, and construction fields have diverse needs, Carlson Software is now offering U-Pick Suites. Customers will be able to choose from two to all six software modules from Carlson’s most popular options: Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, CADnet, and PointCloud Basic and configure them exactly to their needs.

Carlson’s long-standing suite choices – the Civil Suite featuring Survey, Civil, Hydrology, and GIS and the Takeoff Suite with CADnet, Trench, GeoTech, and Construction – are still available at the respective savings of $3950 and $7500. But now, customers can save and pick only what they need with the U-Pick-2 priced at $2950 and the U-Pick-6 at just $4750.

Each can run standalone with the included license of IntelliCAD or on top of a separately purchased license of full AutoCAD. All Carlson Software purchases will be delivered by email with your new serial number and download instructions within two business days.

Available Modules

Here are brief descriptions of each of the six available modules:

Carlson Survey–A Windows software application for land surveying that manages the complete job cycle from field data collection to drafting a final plan with several CAD options.

Carlson Civil—A complete CAD-based, civil engineering design software for roads/highways and a wide variety of land development projects.

Carlson Hydrology–Provides automation to meet hydrology needs with full 3D road and lot design that feed directly into flow calculations and drainage design.

Carlson GIS—Provides tools for data capture and linking, data labeling, import/export of SHP files, polygon topology creation and analysis, and supports working with Esri®.

Carlson CADnet—Allows users to create CAD from non-CAD documents such as PDFs, raster images, and paper plans, generate CAD text from raster images, and to import or export BIM models into CAD.

Carlson PointCloud Basic—Works with cloud data, whether from drone, scanner or lidar, in the familiar Carlson environment to create points, breaklines, surfaces and other CAD deliverables for the production of a typical plan.

New for 2023


2023 General Carlson Software Improvements

AutoCAD 2023 – Added support for this new version
IntelliCAD 11.0 (pre-release) – Added support for this new version
Improved interaction between Rollover Tooltips and Drawing Inspector display
Export KMZ file has improved shading/transparency
Improved consistency of dialog boxes
Added Search function for selecting Zones for State Plane Projections and consistency of Projection selection
Drawing Inspector dialog box now allows multiple changes at a time


2023 Improvements - Survey

Added option to set a symbol rotation in Field to Finish
Added the ability to Edit a GNSS base point coordinates and adjust the associated side shots
Added support for GONS in radial stakeout
Added option to invert arcs when using sketch tree line
Improved processing speed for Field to Finish
Added access to the Symbol Library directly from the Draw Field to Finish dialog box
Added support for GONS in Annotate Defaults and Label Angle
Improved control over stationing centerlines including when importing from a CL file
Added new option in Field to Finish to Auto-Annotate Lines, Arcs and Areas
Added option to use Mtext in Label latitude longitude coordinates
Added option in Edit/Process Raw to draw side shots from single occupied point for draw traverse/sideshot lines
Added individual horizontal and vertical residual display and process control in Best-Fit Point
Added option to use Point Names when converting Civil 3D Points to Carlson Points
Added more decimal options for Map Check
Added option for reporting residuals between measured and stored points in Edit/Process Raw
Added Global Edit options for GIS/Note/Point Attribute Labels in Field to Finish
Added ability to select and draw multiple centerline files.


2023 Improvements - Civil

Improved control over the display and functionality of the Polyline Elevation Editor
Added ability to edit slope in and slope out for the Polyline Elevation Editor and added display options
Added warning for polyline vertices that overlap
Added new Edit Curb Ramp Tag to modify ramp parameters for existing ramp tags
Added ASC file format support for Importing Grid/DEM files
Added option to manually enter elevation units if non exist in DEM.GeoTIFF files
Elevate Text now supports user defined character for decimal place
Added graphic to display to identify intersections in Road Network
Improved Sewer Network Plan View Data Table display
Improved naming convention for ParkingNet
Added more labeling control for lateral connections in Draw Profile
Added pipe crossing dimension control regarding minimum cover
Added utility network profile pipe sleeve hatch feature and draw label feature.
Added 3D graphic view to Retaining Wall Design
Added options for 2nd and 3rd Cut/Fill horizontal label boxes in Draw Profile
Added Line Name Prefix/Suffix option for sewer lines in Draw Profile
Added option for Intersecting Edge in Road Network to connect to an existing roadway edge


2023 Improvements - Hydrology

Added Import Carlson Profile and Sta/Elev .CSV file to Channel Design
Updated functionality and dialog for HydroNET including Import/Export to HydroCAD
Added pipe sleeve preview.
Added Broad-Crested Weir and updated outlet, pond and HydroNET accordingly
Added improvements to Utility Network including profile types, settings and dynamic redraw when the network is revised
Added known flow different amounts for different rational rain events
Added Non Erodible Channel preview window, and updated report and draw on screen features
Added label options for lateral connections including depth at connection
Added option to draw laterals at station and offset


2023 Improvements - GIS

Improved interface and functionality for Importing Shape files
Added ESRI REST Services (Feature Services, Image Services, Map Services)
Added option to import GIS Attributes from a CSV file

Point Cloud

2023 Improvements - Point Cloud

Improved functionality and interaction between mouse cursor and cloud when drawing and editing polylines
Selecting polyline from project panel now highlights in scene as well
Polyline selection now limits to those that exist in the current scene
Added prompt to view imported polylines into existing scene when imported into a project
Added the ability to control elevation units of DEM/GeoTIFF if none are contained in the file
Improved speed of inserting and deleting objects in cloud
Added informative prompt if user attempts to create a new scene when one already exists containing those same objects
Improved color edge identification which includes preset defaults for grass and pavement
Added improved editing tools to trim and adjust color edges
Added informative message when importing solids with errors
Improved Autosave function including matching CAD save time and ability to disable
Added Undo function to Draw All Parking Lines
Improved Paint Line and Parking Stripe detection
Added recognition of existing Paint Stripes and Parking Lines to avoid duplication
Improved feature extraction for poles, hydrants and trees including ability to draw perimeter base
Color Polyline now works in all color modes
Added unit based defaults dimensions and additional control over curb extraction
Added Red warning labels for missing items in the Project Tree
Improved consistency of the ESC key while in commands
When performing Bare Earth to Regions, the Regions tab is automatically displayed
Profile extraction now uses a modeless dialog box for more controlled viewing
Improved cloud visibility with Intensity Color by automatically setting Minimum and Maximum range limits
Added adjustment options for Parking Lines and the ability to count and export Stall Numbers
Added ability to extract Parking Lines, Paint Stripes and Color Edges in other than direct color mode
Added more options for color selection including sphere, window and perimeter
Added Shift->right Click Menu Point Filters when creating and editing polylines
Added new Building Extraction feature
Improved Bare Earth with more automation and simplified user input
Added prompts to view cloud when modified with commands such as Clean or Bare Earth
Added option to set CAD view to approximate cloud view
Added Station and Width control for Polyline Cross Section view in Camera Tab
Improved user interaction for Extract Plane command
Added angle parameter to rotate the survey by grid points
Added point preview for survey by grid.


2023 Improvements - CADNet

No changes for 2023