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U-Pick Suites: 2-6 Module Bundle Deal


Take your pick, between any 2-6 of the following modules — the more you pick, the more you save!

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Save and get only what’s needed with Carlson U-Pick Suites

Recognizing that its customers in the land surveying, civil engineering, and construction fields have diverse needs, Carlson Software is now offering U-Pick Suites. Customers will be able to choose from two to all six software modules from Carlson’s most popular options: Survey, Civil, Hydrology, GIS, CADnet, and PointCloud Basic and configure them exactly to their needs.

Carlson’s long-standing suite choices – the Civil Suite featuring Survey, Civil, Hydrology, and GIS and the Takeoff Suite with CADnet, Trench, GeoTech, and Construction – are still available at the respective savings of $3950 and $7500. But now, customers can save and pick only what they need with the U-Pick-2 priced at $2950 and the U-Pick-6 at just $4750.

Available Modules

Here are brief descriptions of each of the six available modules:

Carlson Survey–A Windows software application for land surveying that manages the complete job cycle from field data collection to drafting a final plan with several CAD options.

Carlson Civil—A complete CAD-based, civil engineering design software for roads/highways and a wide variety of land development projects.

Carlson Hydrology–Provides automation to meet hydrology needs with full 3D road and lot design that feed directly into flow calculations and drainage design.

Carlson GIS—Provides tools for data capture and linking, data labeling, import/export of SHP files, polygon topology creation and analysis, and supports working with Esri®.

Carlson CADnet—Allows users to create CAD from non-CAD documents such as PDFs, raster images, and paper plans, generate CAD text from raster images, and to import or export BIM models into CAD.

Carlson PointCloud Basic—Works with cloud data, whether from drone, scanner or lidar, in the familiar Carlson environment to create points, breaklines, surfaces and other CAD deliverables for the production of a typical plan.


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